Logo Prinsjesfestival

Prinsjesfestival (Prince’s Festival) celebrates democracy. With its brimful programme, this multi-day festival adds lustre to Prinsjesdag (Prince’s Day), the annual opening of Dutch parliament. The festive activities shed light on the meaning and function of our democracy.

Prinsjesfestival is for both young and old, for residents and visitors. Everyone who whants to experience, understand and enjoy The Hague as a democratic governmental centre in the days before and on Prinsjesdag.

Prinsjesfestival connects with The Hague – city of peace and justice – and with the provinces. Every year one province in particular contributes to the festival. The spotlights are this year on Drenthe. They have the opportunity to demonstrate what the province has to offer the Netherlands.

We are currently working on the festival programme for 2017.